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ACES, PIES, PADB and NAPA PartsPro Mapping - For NAPA, Amazon and Walmart PartsFinder, WHI, Epicor, OptiCat and all ACES/PIES Recipients

About Us


Decades of Experience

The principals of eCatSolution have several decades of experience in data mapping and catalog production. Our areas of expertise include the automotive aftermarket (passenger car / light truck), heavy-duty truck market, small engine / powersports and othermotive applications.

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Projects Done Within Budget

Today's reality is that you are continually asked to do more with less. eCatSolution is there to provide you with that extra pair of hands when you need it.

We can provide services on a quoted per project basis or on a time and material basis at $55/hour.

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More Than Just Mapping

Whether your requirements involve data maintenance, conversion and formatting; keying of printed catalog data into electronic format; or the production of your catalog into printed or electronic format, we can provide the services that you require at a reasonable rate.

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What we do

More and more data recipients are requiring your application data in ACES format and your product data in PIES format. Additionally, the PIES file they request can be anywhere between version 6.7 to 7.2 with standard or customized fields required. We can help you meet all those expectations.

eCatSolution is designed to provide multiple levels of service to professionals who are involved in producing their product information in catalog format (whether electronic or printed). We can provide services in a specific area that you need assistance in, or we can provide complete turn-key solutions for the maintenance and production of your application and product data.


ACES is the North American industry standard for the management and exchange of automotive catalog applications data.


The Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) is the best practice for the management and exchange of product attribute information in the vehicle auto care industry.


The Product Attribute database is an auto care industry standard reference database to be used in conjunction with PIES.


The Product Classification database codes are central to the exchange of electronic catalog application data and serve to classify and categorize application records


The Vehicle Configuration database is a fully normalized, relational database of vehicle configurations for passenger cars and light trucks sold in the US, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.


A Qualifier Database (Qdb) is supplied to help standardize terminology within the industry and reduce the number of potentially confusing free-text expressions found in applications.


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